Student Training Policies

Class Date Changes or Cancellations

All the schedules of classes are planned by the instructors beforehand, so in case of the unavailability, the students must inform the instructors to avoid missing out on lectures.

Airborne Aviation Flying School (Pakistan) caters the request for class time change as per the discretion of the instructors. If the class date is delayed or cancelled due to any reason related to COVID-19, our training support team will reschedule it with no additional deposits.


The security fees deposited initially along with the admission fees, shall Not to be used throughout the training, but AA can adjust it in flying hours after your 190th hour, or you can take a refund completely on completion.

Attendance Policy in Flying schedules

Flying schedules for the students are prepared in advance. So in case of non-availability, student must inform at least 2 hours prior to flying time.

Withdrawl From The Training

Being a Flying student, it is expected from you to attend ground classes and flight trainings on time and with 100 % attendance for your own betterment and effective learning.

But in case due to some valid reasons, a student fails to continue the training and would like to refund the initial fees of admission, Airborne Aviation accommodates the student with due refund, with the deduction of classes attended and flight trainings taken, AA flying school (Pakistan) refunds the extra dues as accurately as possible without unnecessary delays.

Airborne Aviation is proud to be the only Flying School in Pakistan to have this Refund Policy.
Airborne Aviation Flying School in lahore

This flying club was founded in 2012 by a group of overseas Pakistani’s with a vision to provide Top-Notch services and education to the aspiring Pilots to become the best in Aviation Industry.

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