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"I began my pilot certificates at Airborne Aviation flying school in Pakistan. I was very pleased with the quality of training, but even more so, the supportive and motivating attitude and approach of all the instructors. That attitude triggered a passion in me to pursue all the ratings I could, up to CPL. I now enjoy flying an airliner and I attribute it to the folks at Airborne Aviation. Highly Recommended! Kumail"
ATR Pilot - Airborne Aviation Flying School in Pakistan
Kumail Bukhari
First Officer PIA
"I completed my CPL-IR from Airborne Aviation back in 2017 and completed my FITC in year 2020. Undoubtly it is the best flying school in Pakistan to get your flying license. Highly experienced instructors helping you build your strong knowledge on ground and developing your flying skills altogether. They have a good and maintained aircraft fleet with variety of aircrafts that caters the needs of all students. Management is very friendly and always there to assist you with all your documentation work. Overall you will be learning here in a friendly, yet much disciplined environment. Highly recommended for anyone looking to start their aviation career. "
Hanzla Javed
Commercial Pilot, Airborne Aviation Pvt. Ltd
"With their state-of-the-art training fleet, supportive instructors and an overall friendly environment; Airborne Aviation's flight training program was thoroughly comprehensive. Commanding an aircraft is definitely a huge responsibility to undertake but teaching another the same is an even bigger responsibility. However, the flight instructors at Airborne flying school were professional through and through. They created a holistic learning environment especially with their active repetition of concepts, and solid ground training. We went to the cockpit armed with all the necessary knowledge of the aircraft while extensive flight training took care of assimilating the two, rather effectively. It is worth mentioning that despite Pakistan possessing a very small number of Cessna 206 aircrafts, Airborne Aviation not only owns one but uses it in their flight school as well. It is due to the aforementioned that I am now also rated to fly the six-seater. The experience has been utterly rewarding, to say the least. "
Star Pilot Zubair Zafar okarvi - Cessna 152 - Airborne Aviation Flying School in Pakistan
Zubair Zafar
Commercial Pilot, Airborne Aviation Pvt. Ltd
"I started the CPL course with Airborne Aviation back in 2017, and completed my course in 2019. The standard of training provided at Airborne Aviation flying school in Pakistan is second to none. There is a very welcoming and helpful atmosphere among both staff and students, which gives you confidence you need to do well. The instructors have your best interests at heart and are not satisfied unless they feel you have gotten the maximum benefit from your lesson. This pushes you to do your best. However there is always a friendly and comfortable atmosphere on the ground and in the cockpit, which puts you at ease. In summary, the experience I had at Airborne aviation was great. A really best flying school in Pakistan, would recommend to anyone who is seeking to become a pilot. "
Pilot Aqsa - Cessna 152 - Airborne Aviation Flying School
Aqsa Sehar Khan
Commercial Pilot, Airborne Aviation Pvt. Ltd
"I have done PPL and CPL from Airborne Aviation absolutely love studying here, the Aircraft and training is top notch and you will feel right at home at Learn to Fly. Your dream to become a pilot needs to start somewhere, and there is nowhere else I would love to take my second step to become a flight instructor. Best facility with helpful management. Highly recommended to new Aviators. "
Pilot Hanzla Butt - Cessna 152 - Airborne Aviation Flying School
Hanzla Tahir Butt
Commercial Pilot, Airborne Aviation Pvt. Ltd
"For me, Airborne aviation was a cardinal chapter in my life which taught me that being a pilot is not a job, rather it's a passion. I completed my CPL training in 2020. Although every single flight that I made had been exceptional and worth remembering in its way I can never forget my first solo flight. It was like taking over the clouds and conquering the wind. Thanks to my instructors who taught me not only the technical ways of taking off and landing a plane but also the ways of high jacking each opportunity of my career life which led to my ultimate success. Every instructor here at airborne aviation injects inspiration and motivation in the young pilots that make them want to achieve the impossible. Without them, I wouldn't have been the victorious person that I am today. Here I'd like to especially thank my seniors Sir Zia, Sir Basit, and Sir Usman who apart from being extraordinary instructors, were my mentors too. They assisted me in my ground classes through their spectacular teaching skills and dedication. Moreover, the staff at airborne aviation flying school had been so concerned, encouraging and supportive throughout this whole journey. Not to exaggerate but they add life to the students and the flying club itself. My fond memories of the time in this great flight school in Pakistan, shadowing a priceless impact on me, will last a lifetime!"
Pilot Zarmeen - Cessna 152 - Airborne Aviation Flying School
Zarmeen Mehmood
Commercial Pilot, Airborne Aviation Pvt. Ltd
"I joined Airborne Aviation flying school in 2017 for my PPL, CPL, and IR courses. The flying school provides a great platform for learning, and I had the pleasure of training with excellent instructors on the Cessna 152, Cessna 172, and Cessna 206. I flew to multiple locations around Punjab, including Sialkot, Faisalabad, Multan, Islamabad, Okara, etc for routine training and navigation flights. Airborne Aviation gave me the confidence and skills to become a commercial pilot in Pakistan and continue my training abroad in the UK."
Pilot Shujaa - Cessna 152 - Airborne Aviation Flying School
Shuja Imran
Commercial Pilot, Airborne Aviation Pvt. Ltd
"I am a graduate of Airborne Aviation. I have done my CPL/IR from Airborne Aviation I started my flying in 2018 and initially came with the intention for solo only but then i started liking the professionalism of the staff. The admin block is so supportive they take care of all your paperwork so that you can fly carefree. Missing those golden days. "
Pilot Zakariya - Cessna 152 - Airborne Aviation Flying School
Zakariya Khan
Commercial Pilot, Airborne Aviation Pvt. Ltd
"Airborne aviation has an excellent reputation and strong training ethic, Joining Airborne Aviation flying school in Pakistan may allow you to fly a variety of aircraft. Flying different types of airplanes is a great way to experience and improve your piloting skills. If you're thinking of purchasing your own aircraft someday, joining a flying club can help you find an aircraft that's right for you. "
Pilot Saif - Cessna 152 - Airborne Aviation Flying School
Commercial Pilot, Airborne Aviation Pvt. Ltd
"Assalamualaikum this is me Muhammad Yasir Maqsood pass out graduate from Airborne Aviation Pvt Ltd. Lahore. My First Flight Experience surprises render more pleasure, especially when it is totally out of one’s expectation, it becomes even more memorable if it happens to be the one elating you from the ground and literally putting you in the sky. I was actually on cloud 9 at my first flight experience with Capt Murtaza, as I happened to experience my first flying experience; my first ever Flying experience. It was one its type, the ultimate, unmatchable, an elating one. Throughout this journey of learning and training my well qualified instructors taught me and guided me by minimizing all my mistakes and making me capable enough to fly the aircraft with such confidence and understanding. They make me understand each and every knowledge regarding flying. All the instructors were very friendly and very knowledgeable. Names of some instructors that i have took flight were Capt Murtaza, Capt Adil, Capt Nuraiz, Capt Fahad, Capt Inzimam, Capt Zurnoob and most of the above my respected and honourable Instructor Air Commodore Capt Basit. He was the one who always guided me through my mistakes and guided me how to perform in air during flying. It was like a family with Airborne Aviation. All the Flight Engineers were so helpful regarding any situation on ground. Today i am capable enough to say this that with all this training and guidance i can Alhamdulillah call myself as a Captain. Airborne Aviation is the best flying school in Pakistan. Thanks for making me achieve my dreams. *Highly recommended to the students or the one who is interested in making flying as a career. * Best wishes to the new ones "
Pilot - Cessna 152 - Airborne Aviation Flying School
Yasir Maqsood
Commercial Pilot, Airborne Aviation Pvt. Ltd
Airborne Aviation Flying School in lahore

This flying club was founded in 2012 by a group of overseas Pakistani’s with a vision to provide Top-Notch services and education to the aspiring Pilots to become the best in Aviation Industry.

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