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Airborne Aviation Best flying school in pakistan

Muhammad Hanif Shahid Naveed

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Shahid Hanif is an overseas Pakistani investor. He started the company back in 2012 with a vision of providing world-class aviation training to aspiring pilots in Pakistan. He is dedicated to the passion of providing Airborne Aviation with the best in order to meet his sole aim, which is that pilots of Airborne Aviation flying school are globally recognized for their glorious work.

Chief Flying Instructor - Airborne Aviation Flying School in Pakistan

Gp Capt (Retd) Basit M Saddique

Chief Flying Instructor

Captain Basit is a veteran aviator with over 31 years of illustrious career in Pakistan’s Airforce (PAF). He brings with him a notable flying experience on most of the aircraft on Airborne’s inventory. Besides, he has to his credit, a number of unique distinctions earned during the course of his career. Captain Basit is a dedicated individual and a role model for all the cadets of Airborne Aviation flying school (Pakistan).

Airborne Aviation Best flying school in Pakistan

Noor Akbar

Chief Engineer

Mr. Noor Akbar is a seasoned Aviation Maintenance Engineer, with extensive experience of Aircraft Maintenance during the span of his long career, while serving in both Pakistan and UAE for more than 30 years. He has mastered this particular skill-set and can handle all aspects of aircraft maintenance related activities. Other than this Mr. Noor Akbar is an exceptional manager, team leader and has expertise in documentation. He’s presently heading the engineering department of Airborne Aviation flying school.

Airborne Aviation Best flying school in pakistan

Capt. Fahad bin Tariq

Chief Ground Instructor

Captain Fahad Bin Tariq is amongst the most unique and rare breed of professionals in Aviation industry of Pakistan. A graduate of NUST with Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering, he is currently serving as a Flight Instructor and Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor/Chief Ground Instructor at Airborne Aviation. Besides completing his Flying Training from Airborne Aviation within an exceptional time of 10 months, he also graduated with flying colors from the 3rd Flight Instructor Training Course (FITC) held at Airborne Aviation. A true professional with remarkable work ethic, Airborne Aviation is immensely proud to have him on board.

Airborne Aviation Best flying school in pakistan

Capt. Syed Inzamam

Flight Instructor

Capt. Syed Inzamam joined Airborne Aviation back in October 2017 as a young cadet pilot. He completed his CPL/IR and FITC course from Airborne Aviation by July 2019. After the completion of his FITC course, Airborne Aviation employed him as a Flight Instructor. Capt. Syed Inzamam is till date an integral part of AA’s team, he has remained actively involved in inculcating best practices in young trainees and his subordinates. His involvement in operational procedures and training aspects has remained commendable and a source of inspiration for others. His diligent approach towards gaining professional excellence is also exemplary. Airborne Aviation would remain proud of the contributions made by Capt. Syed Inzamam towards the company goals.

Airborne Aviation Best flying school in Pakistan

Capt. Hasnain Ahmad

Flight Instructor

Here at Airborne Aviation flying school we employ the best in General Aviation. A through example would be CAPT. HASNAIN AHMED. Having completed his CPL/IR from Airborne Aviation followed by the Flight Instructor Training Course and then employed by the company in 2019.

CAPT. HASNAIN AHMED has proven to be a valuable asset to the company with his attention to detail in flight training, academics and Flight safety.

Airborne Aviation Best flying school in Pakistan

Capt. Hassan Nadeem

Flight Instructor

Carrying forward the legacy, At the age of 19 Capt. Hassan Nadeem chose to start a journey of becoming an aviator. He went through an extensive training and completed his CPL in less than 1.5 years where after he started working as a professional instructor in a prestigious institution. His key responsibilities include instilling leadership qualities, knowledge, personal development and professionalism in students. He has been supervising safety standards of the company as a flight safety officer.

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Airborne Aviation Flying School in lahore

This flying club was founded in 2012 by a group of overseas Pakistani’s with a vision to provide Top-Notch services and education to the aspiring Pilots to become the best in Aviation Industry.

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