Being a pilot in Pakistan is a very rewarding career.  Because of some issues, most people won’t be able to take this career interesting. But for those who opt for this career, I must say they never get bored or tired of this outclass career.

This career allows you to fly high to make your dreams come true. You could be able to explore the world. Traveling abroad and meeting different personalities occurs a particularly terrific thing that makes this profession best.

Yes, it’s a difficult profession to be a pilot in Pakistan, but it’s not impossible. If you wanted to become an airline pilot in Pakistan, now is the time to get your flight training done. Several Flying Schools are attainable in Pakistan. Getting trained by Flying Schools is the first step in your profession.

A question comes to the mind of young boys and girls, who is capable to get this training? We let you know that this profession also contains some specific requirements as other careers are. If you succeed in all the tests nobody can stop you to become a great pilot.

Pakistan is one of the countries that provides many job opportunities to licensed pilots. Pakistan international airline

services are topped up in providing you with the best employment affairs. Many private airlines are also available for job chances.

Let’s move on to the next part, for further information.

Requirements of being an airline pilot:

Firstly one has to fulfill all the requirements to become an airline pilot.

  • Has to complete 12 years of education in science subjects.
  • A minimum of 18 years of age is needed.
  • Complete medical fitness.
  • One’s health and body should be according to the medical standards of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

What qualifications are required for being a pilot?

After passing your intermediate, you have to take admitted to a flying school. In Pakistan, there are almost 15 to 16 flying academies. You have to search for the best academy. Each academy has different procedures and enrollment requirements. And the fees also vary for different courses in all academies. You have to choose the academy which suits your training course. 

However different aviation-related degree college programs are also accessible. One advantage of this program is that you could able to earn a college degree with a pilot license at the same time.

Training in flying school:

Flying schools are made to provide you with information about Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). This is an educational training which is based on 14 different subjects. 12 subjects are based on a Commercial pilot license (CPL) and 2 are for the instrument rating (IR). It is compulsory to pass all the subjects for further training.

Who can afford this training financially?

On finance basis, everybody can’t afford it. Almost 4 to 4.5 million of the amount required for this training. Quickly a question comes to everybody’s mind, why is it so costly? The reason behind this is that it goes through many procedures. Such as medical tests, registration, ground training, practical flying, and final receiving of Commercial Pilot License (CPL).

What does practical flying mean?

For practical flight, you are required to forward all your medical and educational reports to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) will then reward you with a student pilot license (SPL), which means that you can now start your practical flyer.

Different timing hours are specified for different licenses. Like, after completing 40 hours of flight as an (SPL), you will be able to get a private pilot license (PPL).

Now it’s your turn to get your (CPL) license, for which you must first complete a 40-hour flight again to get Instrument Rating (IR). You become very close to achieving (CPL), after earning (IR). You’ll need to fly for another 110 hours to win the (CPL) prize.

After passing out in-ground training, practical flight, and all 14 exams, you will get (CPL), which will allow you to apply for pilot positions.

Wrap up

Some things seem to be difficult but when we made up our mind that we can do them, it becomes easy.

Thank You.