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Flight Instructor Job Opportunity At Airborne Aviation Flying School

Airborne Aviation Flying School in Pakistan always offers opportunities for its talented Pilots as Flight Instructors to join our team and shape the future of aviation together with us. Joining our team will allow you to expand your leadership capabilities and improve your communication skills by sharing your passion for aviation with the next generation of pilots!

AIRBORNE AVIATION is proud to be the only Flying School in Pakistan to guarantee a 300 hours flying or 6 months contract as FI (whichever comes first) for it’s students.

Based on pure merit, academic record, and performance, Airborne Aviation flying school assures its students an opportunity to work as a FI on a contract basis to be a part of our like-minded, efficient, and highly professional team to mentor and guide our cadet pilots to achieve their full potential. Our vision to provide top-notch training to the future Air-line ready pilots highly depends on an excellent team of instructors, and as we like to put it for our Cadets, “promising the Future”.

Professional development is assisted for and encouraged at Airborne Aviation flying school. As you advance, we have a structure in place to support you with reaching your development goals. 

As an integral member of the Airborne Aviation flying school (Pakistan) team, the Flight instructor will play a vital role in developing the future of our students, so he/she must be a committed, trustworthy and respectful individual that is why we Trust our own First!

Type of Employment

Employment at Airborne Aviation as FI will be part-time or full-time depending on your licenses, ratings, availability, and demand. Salary will depend on experience and valid certificates/ratings.

We shall not forget that after experience as a Flight Instructor, it will be possible to become a skill test examiner or type-rating examiner. The list of possibilities is long when you start working as a Flight Instructor!

Type of Employment

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Airborne Aviation Flying School in lahore

This flying club was founded in 2012 by a group of overseas Pakistani’s with a vision to provide Top-Notch services and education to the aspiring Pilots to become the best in Aviation Industry.

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