Aviation Subjects

Airborne Aviation flying school in pakistan

Air Law

The Aviation industry is comprehensively controlled through law. We make sure our Pilots are aware of all the “Do’s & Dont’s”. That’s how we ensure you become a safe pilot for your craft, crew & passengers.

Airborne Aviation flying school in pakistan

General Navigation

With this course, we feed you with what it requires to get you from one point to another. It tells you about your shortest to longest routes, busy and free paths, and teaches you science like how the magnetic field of the world is continuously changing Lil by Lil.

Airborne Aviation Best flying school in pakistan

Radio Navigation

While you’re on your bird (aircraft), how will you know the distance to the airport? This course will teach you to communicate through GPS systems between other onboard and ground-based systems used for navigation.

Airborne Aviation flying school in pakistan


You will get all your answers about your aircraft performance such as take-off, cruising, and landings, etc. this will teach you to determine the flying approaches that result in optimal aircraft performance.

Airborne Aviation flying school in pakistan

Aircraft General Knowledge

A pilot must know their aircraft. Besides helping in everyday operations, if something fails, you must know how that affects other systems and this subject will tell you that.

Airborne Aviation flying school in pakistan


It is one of the most important subjects for a pilot. Pilots need to know their weather conditions and systems across the globe. Do you expect complex landing conditions for the coming flight? Or will you need extra fuel for your next destination? What is a tailwind and when you should be expecting it? All such questions and you will find answers in this course.

Airborne Aviation flying school in pakistan

Principles of Flight

Ever wondered about the science behind aircraft? How does an 80ton flying machine can take you anywhere in the world, I mean how’s that even possible? All the queries will be answered here in this course. YES!

Airborne Aviation flying school in pakistan

Mass & Balance

For any safe flight, it is important to know the balance between your craft and its load. The knowledge of mathematics will help you here to find and know all about it.

Airborne Aviation flying school in pakistan

Flight Planning and Monitoring

Aviation charts, maps, interpretation of symbols, pilots codes, and how to know your position in those maps, everything in this course.

Airborne Aviation flying school in pakistan

Operational Procedures

This course will help you bring all your knowledge from the above subjects and teach you practical knowledge about flying. How aircraft work, how would you land if there is another landing in the same airport, waiting time on the runway, etc, and all such questions will be answered here.


Airborne Aviation Flying School in lahore

This flying club was founded in 2012 by a group of overseas Pakistani’s with a vision to provide Top-Notch services and education to the aspiring Pilots to become the best in Aviation Industry.

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