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Airborne Aviation

PCAA Certified Flying School since 2012.

Best Instructors

Our flight training instructors are carefully selected and adhere to the highest standards of the industry.

Ideal Location

Our flying school is conveniently located at Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore , providing students with the best experience.

Diverse Fleet

Our flying school has the best and the most diverse fleet of aircrafts in Lahore.

Our Courses

Our flying school offers a variety of courses for all kinds of pilots. You can learn more about each course that Airborne Aviation has to offer by browsing our website.

Airborne Aviation Best flying school in Pakistan

Private Pilot License

40 Hours

Airborne Aviation Best flying school in Pakistan

Commercial Pilot License

110 Hours

Airborne Aviation Best flying school in Pakistan

Instrument Rating

40 Hours

Best Flying School in Pakistan

Flight Instructor Rating

Airborne Aviation Best flying school in Pakistan

Flying Per Hour

Airborne Aviation Best flying school in Pakistan

License Conversion

The Best Flying School in Lahore

Improve Your Skills

Airborne Aviation flying school is a place for aspirants who have a strong determination to be the world’s best pilots. If that resonates with you, then you don’t need any former flying experience – just some basic requirements.

Airborne aviation best flying school in pakistan


In our gallery, you can take a look at the best moments from the life of our flight training school. Among
other highlights, it includes photos of our students, graduates, and instructors.

Improve Your Skills

Become a top-notch helicopter pilot.
Airborne Aviation Flying School in lahore

This flying school was founded in 2012 by a group of overseas Pakistani’s with a vision to provide Top-Notch services and education to the aspiring Pilots to become the best in Aviation Industry.

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Room No. 1,2 & 5 TYPSA building, near Civil Aviation Medical Board, Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore


Airborne Aviation Hangar, 10-F Walton Airport Lahore




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