Our Planes

Planes of Airborne Aviation

Two Cessna 152s in fully airworthy were acquired from England. The aircrafts are in an excellent condition and can be compared with any compatible aircraft in Pakistan. These aircrafts have the latest avionics required for operations in extreme range of weather. The aircrafts have proven to be the best in aviation industry so far.

The company acquired a Cessna-206 from England. The aircraft will provide an opportunity to train the student pilots in a complex instrument environment. It would also provide an opportunity to fly long distances in Pakistan conducting a wide range of operations in a multi crew environment.


After long deliberation, we here at Airborne Aviation chose C-152s from England as the basic flying training aircrafts. The aircrafts have all the advanced avionics required by national as well as international standards for short and long flights. C-152 is basically a twin seat aero plane with dual control and certified for single as well as double crew operations.


Airborne Aviation flying school is also in the process of inducting Cessna-206 aircraft. C-206 is a proven flying machine capable of flying long distances required for cross-country flights in Pakistan. With its enhanced seat capacity this aircraft will be utilized for charter operations as well. Flying school is also working to enhance the number of aircrafts.