Meet the team

Our team of certified Pilots

Welcome to Airborne Aviation! We pride ourselves on having the most experienced and certified pilots to ensure the best education for all students. With over 50+ years in the field of Aviation, our pilots will provide one to one training throughout the pilot training courses.

Private Pilot License

It is a qualification being offered to the enthusiasts that are willing to fly their own aircraft. Normally the CAA imposed course duration is up to eight (08) months; however our flying school is committed to complete the flying activity within record three (03) months depending on the availability of Trainee and the favorable weather conditions.Our Best in market; engineering services helped to achieve the completion of PPL course in record two months time for the first batch

Commercial Pilot License

Commercial Pilot License qualification requires rigorous training and duration of completion of course is 18 months from the date of issue of student pilot license (SPL). Owing to the committed team of instructors at Airborne Aviation, Student Pilots can complete the flying within a calendar year. Sound and professional instructors ensure that comprehensive ground studies take place with all possible details about theory of flight and its practical application in air.

IR Endorsement

Instrument Flying is another ICAO & CAA’s requirement which needs six months for completion in which Student Pilots acquire ratings in simulated Meteorological conditions. Airborne Aviation is committed to let Students complete this phase within two months.


ICAO and CAA require that respective License holders remain current on type of aircraft at all given time. With prior coordination, Airborne Aviation completes this training within same day to save crucial time for the license holders directly helping the holder of respective license save money and time.

Flight Instructor Course

Flight Instructor Training Course is offered to holders of Commercial Pilot License. The course is designed in a way to ensure that the under trainee flight instrcutor has enough knowledge and ability to instruct a cadet pilot. The course comprises of rigorous groung studies along with 30 hours of flight training.