Airborne Aviation Private Limited run by oversea Pakistanis has a vision to stand tall if not at par with any other International Aviation Industry. Registered in S.E.C.P. in 2012, Airborne Aviation aims to become a prominent flying school in Pakistan. With a very experienced team of Pakistan Air Force retired officers and top of the line aero planes; the company has brought a repute of constructing student careers via certified excellence in ground schooling and extraordinary flying training.

The basic premise for the company is to bring good name to the Pakistani trained aviators who would be able to show character and professionalism in all facets of their future assignments world over. The school structure and facilities have been built as per the best standards which are above Pakistan’s other similar businesses and are comparable internationally.


Why Us?


Airborne Aviation is a flight school authorized by Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority(PCAA). Our highest priority is to follow the National Aviation Policy and provide a safe flying environment to all its cadets and instructors. Our mission is to create a professional, safety conscious flight school which is effectively and thoroughly equipped with all necessary items.


With over 50 years of experience in the field of aviation, Airborne is the best place to gain flying training. This highly qualified and experienced team have made sure that it creates an interactive and diverse learning environment for the cadet who is practically oriented and is being provided a hands-on learning experience.


Airborne Aviation has been providing its cadets with the availability of state of the art training equipment: use of tablets and question banks. The purpose built facility with WiFi-equipped classrooms and video materials makes a perfect study environment.

Begin Your Career With Us

At Airborne Aviation, we constantly strive to improve our services and deliver the best in what we can do to all of our students. We encourage you to get in touch with us for more information, so we can help you make your decision.

Offering the opportunity to students with the C-152 and C-206 aircrafts.

Our team members have more than 50 years flying experience with thousands of flying hours.

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